Monthly Archives: May 2009

Pumpkin Soup: finessing a classic

Pumpkin Soup is off and on the menu at FAB throughout winter. Chef Nathan Peters always uses Queensland Blues because they are less watery than other varieties and provide both beautiful flavour and colour. Nathan reveals his FAB pumpkin soup secrets:

  • Always roast pumpkin for a more flavoursome soup
  • Add cumin and cream
  • Use a homemade vegetable stock
  • Always simmer, never boil the soup – to prevent splitting after cream is added and preserve quality
  • If using garlic roast first for a richer flavour

Served with either a herb or cheesy bread FAB pumpkin soup is a meal in itself.


Soup for the soul…

Our soup of the day is just that! Made from locally sourced seasonal produce it appears on the blackboard menu each day. Today it is potato and leek, tomorrow it might be spinach and lentil. While we never know in advance exactly what it will be, thanks to our chef Nathan it is always delicious.

We came across an idea we like at Live Local – why not meet your neighbours over a bowl of homemade soup. Here’s a recipe for Spicy Lentil Soup from Nathan.

Welcome to our world…

Forbes and Burton is proud to be part of the Darlinghurst community. Quality food, drinks and service is here for your friends, family and colleagues. We hope to see you soon and welcome your feedback and suggestions whether in person or on our new website. Cheers!!!