Monthly Archives: June 2009

the view from the 389

Sometimes the virtual world can be poetic. Crater, a former accountant turned photographer, angel artboxhas been documenting the view of Forbes and Burton from the 389 bus. We like his work and recommend you look on Flickr.

Many of the photos feature our artbox. If you are interested in placing a work in the artbox please come into the café and ask for Jamie or Zoe. The dimensions and examples of previous works can be found here.


Small things matter – random acts of kindness

We were sitting in the café the other day when a regular customer came up to us with a proposition. We don’t know his name but we do like him and we’d like your help with his project.

Mr X handed us a beautifully wrapped envelope with $10 enclosed with a note:

“small things matter, do something kind with this, you will feel better.”

We are somewhat perplexed but we like the idea and invite you to suggest kind ways to use the $10. We’ve thought about making a donation but it would also be good to do something creative, helpful, local and sustainable. Post your suggestions here.

We encourage you to participate further. Mr X asked us to email what we did with the $10 to Why not match the $10 and pass it on to someone yourself.

Clearly this is part of the Random Acts of Kindness movement which encourages altruism. A quick google search of examples will give you some ideas. We look forward to your suggestions.

Housekeeping news

It’s cold and wet so muffins and hot chocolates (made with Belgian chocolate) are going off! Our new savoury feta and olive muffins are a big hit. Speaking of hits, one regular has a habit of hitting other customers with her rolled up newspaper when they inadvertently leave the door open.

If you can remember to close the door, it seems likely you will avoid the punishment. On etiquette generally it is also not on to steal the tip jar (which has happened twice) and we must advise that further infringements may lead to a posting about said behaviour on this awesome website.

Meanwhile, stay out of trouble, and try our Gnocchi recipe.