Housekeeping news

It’s cold and wet so muffins and hot chocolates (made with Belgian chocolate) are going off! Our new savoury feta and olive muffins are a big hit. Speaking of hits, one regular has a habit of hitting other customers with her rolled up newspaper when they inadvertently leave the door open.

If you can remember to close the door, it seems likely you will avoid the punishment. On etiquette generally it is also not on to steal the tip jar (which has happened twice) and we must advise that further infringements may lead to a posting about said behaviour on this awesome website.

Meanwhile, stay out of trouble, and try our Gnocchi recipe.


2 responses to “Housekeeping news

  1. Well said. Although I am still traumatised from the newspaper incident, I am happy to provide etiquette lessons for other naughty customers. Keep up the great work, Tara & gang xo

  2. And find out who the phantom newspaper ripper is, make them drink Decaf.

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