Small things matter – random acts of kindness

We were sitting in the café the other day when a regular customer came up to us with a proposition. We don’t know his name but we do like him and we’d like your help with his project.

Mr X handed us a beautifully wrapped envelope with $10 enclosed with a note:

“small things matter, do something kind with this, you will feel better.”

We are somewhat perplexed but we like the idea and invite you to suggest kind ways to use the $10. We’ve thought about making a donation but it would also be good to do something creative, helpful, local and sustainable. Post your suggestions here.

We encourage you to participate further. Mr X asked us to email what we did with the $10 to Why not match the $10 and pass it on to someone yourself.

Clearly this is part of the Random Acts of Kindness movement which encourages altruism. A quick google search of examples will give you some ideas. We look forward to your suggestions.


2 responses to “Small things matter – random acts of kindness

  1. Im not sure but suggest that it was given to you and your a cafe, so maybe you help with food?

    Possibly making a a big pot of soup for one of the food vans that feed the homeless or put the money towards donating a free dinner to a charity raffle as a prize Acon, maybe? I’ll be happy to assist if you donate to a food van?

    Good Luck

  2. One of the reasons I keep coming back to Forbes and Burton is that about 3 years ago I was sitting having my coffee mid morning, and I noticed a homeless man with his rattan bag of possessions sitting on the window couch area eating a bowl of soup. He was polite, quiet, and not causing any problems. He paid and left after finishing his meal, and the door was opened for him on the way out as you often rush to do for all your customers between serving.

    Despite his less than perfect grooming this man was treated with the same dignity and friendly service that all your customers receive. I have been in other cafes when similarly looking customers have been quietly ushered away. Darlinghurst is full of such characters, and to many of us they become almost invisible.

    Kindness can certainly go a long way!

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