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Sustainable art is FAB…

We are green and ethical when it comes to food and drink, glutglutand we feel the same way about ART. FAB is pleased to invite you to enjoy the very special work of Shane Forrest and Justin Shoulder which will grace our walls, art box and other nooks and crannies in the month of August.

Join us for a drink and viewing from 6pm on Friday July 31st. We canine cult detail 2love their work and trust (because all our customers have excellent taste) you will too. The exhibition is part of Reverse Garbage on Burton with other sustainable artworks showing at Tap Gallery and Pocket Bar. We commend our neighbours for supporting this project. Reverse Garbage has been diverting industrial waste from landfill for 35 years and the artists they have selected to illustrate creative reuse deserve our attention.


Opportunity knocks…

We’re losing two of our favourite FAB people to pastures new. And we need new creative, motivated and passionate we want youplaymates in the kitchen. If you are a Head Chef (or Cook with similar experience) or a 3rd year Apprentice interested in sustainability, waste reduction, local food supply and in season foods – we’d love to hear from you.

FAB is open days only serving quality breakfast, lunch, desserts and snacks. We also cater for functions in the evenings – on our premises – including weddings, birthdays and business soirees.

We need a Head Chef to update FAB’s menu continually and create awesome yummy daily specials. We need a third year apprentice to grow with our business. We’ve got a great team in a productive, creative and motivated workplace. We have fun. We work hard. We like what we do. If you think you might fit, email us with your resume at

Time Out puts FAB Roasts in top 10

This week Time Out put Forbes and Burton in its top 10 Sunday Roasts. They suggest you get in early to stake your claim to a “generously portioned”  meal. Check out the roast schedule. facebook badge

In other breaking news Sydney City Council have agreed to reduce waste collection in the neighbourhood from two times a week to once a week. The worm farm will be very happy as are we. Waste reduction is really important. Don’t complain!!! Reduce your waste by buying less, refusing over packaged goods and get your own worm farm. Go to zerowaste for more ideas.

Water on tap at FAB and Bundanoon

Thrilled about the decision to ban bottled facebook badgewater and go for local tap water in Bundanoon. Here at FAB we’ve been using reverse osmosis on our Sydney tap water supply for years – then serving it to you in reusable glass bottles.

We also want to share our favourite customer post with you and welcome more of the same:

  • Libby Warne // June 27, 2009 at 6:58 am

    One of the reasons I keep coming back to Forbes and Burton is that about 3 years ago I was sitting having my coffee mid morning, and I noticed a homeless man with his rattan bag of possessions sitting on the window couch area eating a bowl of soup. He was polite, quiet, and not causing any problems. He paid and left after finishing his meal, and the door was opened for him on the way out as you often rush to do for all your customers between serving.

    Despite his less than perfect grooming this man was treated with the same dignity and friendly service that all your customers receive. I have been in other cafes when similarly looking customers have been quietly ushered away. Darlinghurst is full of such characters, and to many of us they become almost invisible.

    Kindness can certainly go a long way!

A good pash…

Forbes & Burton is such a good pasher. Sunday Telegraph2The Sunday Telegraph agreed in reviewing our potato cake with oak smoked salmon and a ‘pash’ of onion jam. Good points noted include ‘the coffee is great’, ‘a good place to chill out in Darlinghurst’ and ‘popular’. But we are a wee bit teary. There were some problems with the speed of service. You vote – who shall we fire???

NEW Sunday Roast Schedule

Perfect for a winter day – this weekend the roast is pork loin with prune, potatoes and pears. Read all about future roasts.