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Chasing the President…

SCREENING @ FAB –  5pm Sunday 30th August

Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the East Timorese Independence Referendum with the premiere screening of ‘Chasing the tsai market-1President’.

Shot just last month on location in East Timor this wild and wonderful short documentary follows Hollywood film producer Jan Sharp as she accompanies Jose Ramos Horta on a peace building mission into the remote border districts of Asia’s newest nation.

Marvel as the Presidential convoy of 15 4WD vehicles winds its way through isolated mountain villages to Balibo and beyond. Witness very personal interactions between local tribes people and their esteemed President. Experience the thrill of staying with Ramos Horta in a hotel run by a Malaysian ladyboy. And engage in exciting conspiracy theories concocted in the fertile imagination of Ms Sharp.

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All this and more in Chasing The President.


The new new Chef and the good old coffee…

Spring has sprung early with our new chef Andrew Stinear introducing an updated menu – including some delicious chargrilled lamb. Andrew, a kiwi, and a great friend of Peter Jackson, Russell Crowe and the late Sir Edmund Hillary brings a joie de vie to the kitchen derived from a childhood spent climbing mountains, shepherding sheep and fording through the waters of great rivers.

Essentially a man of action, Andrew brings great sensitivity to the FAB menu tweaking old favourites, addingSDC10181 light but satisfying new dishes (try the delicious grilled chicken and pomegranate salad) and ensuring dietary sensitivities are catered for. We’re loving Andrew’s gentle but firm mastery of the FAB kitchen and are certain you’ll detect his light, fresh and innovative approach in your meals.

And finally a wee note about our FABulous Fair Trade coffee. The Sun Herald of August 2 featured the glorious Tara in an article about our coffee – and your loyalty to our sustainable approach to produce.

NOTE you are bound to be pleased by our new more affordable wine list – designed to put a wee bounce into your Spring luncheons.

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Worms, sustainable art, fair trade coffee & FAB customers

We’re working with Sydney City Council to reduce our waste – with one worm farm allocated to every day of the week. firstdateExpect some delicious worm juice soon.

The work of Reverse Garbage artists will stay on the walls (and in the artbox) until September. It’s well worth a look. Some of our regular customers have grown fond enough of the works to reach into their wallets and make a purchase. Bravo! There is a maturity and elegance to the works of Shane Forrest – largely constructed from reclaimed street posters – that we trust you can enjoy.

And last Saturday we went through a record amount of our fantastic Golden Cobra coffee. It’s Fair Trade coffee made by our expert baristas with Sydney tap water we’ve refined using reverse osmosis. How could it not be good. Stay up to date with our latest news when you follow us on Facebook.

J’arrive say the Eggs Benedict…

Gerard Depardieu has been spotted enjoying our eggs Benedict. “Hmm, there’s someone new in your kitchen” hesalmon potato cake cooed. Most mornings you’ll find him pouring over the form guide with the lovely Carla Bruni who prefers our classic Salmon Potato Cake given her gluten intolerance.

Like our other lovely customers, this oddest of couples are enjoying the sustainable art adorning our walls (including of course those in the toilet) sourced from the intrepid folks at Reverse Garbage. 

Sustainable art @FAB…

We are enjoying the work of Shane Forest, a sustainable artist, who has bommiartboxmade his mark on the Forbes and Burton Art Box in Darlinghurst.

His work, “Data Ribbons” is a play on line, repetition and colour. Using salvaged billboard posters Forests work interrupts the movement created by the recycled carpentry of the Forbes and Burton Art Box wall. Ironically the wall was designed to deter billboard posters, Forest has reclaimed the space.

firstdateYou can view more of his work and that of Justin Shoulder and Pierre Cavalan at Forbes and Burton Café, as part of the Reverse Garbage on Burton Exhibition.

You may have also spied an arty gorilla the KING Kong of reuse (created by FBI DJ Miss Death) wandering up from Tap Gallery for a much needed infusion of FAB coffee. This weekend FAB and TAP will be offering Reverse Garbage ‘Fun Bags’ to children of all ages – guaranteed to contain a blow up hippo and lots more.