Sustainable art @FAB…

We are enjoying the work of Shane Forest, a sustainable artist, who has bommiartboxmade his mark on the Forbes and Burton Art Box in Darlinghurst.

His work, “Data Ribbons” is a play on line, repetition and colour. Using salvaged billboard posters Forests work interrupts the movement created by the recycled carpentry of the Forbes and Burton Art Box wall. Ironically the wall was designed to deter billboard posters, Forest has reclaimed the space.

firstdateYou can view more of his work and that of Justin Shoulder and Pierre Cavalan at Forbes and Burton Café, as part of the Reverse Garbage on Burton Exhibition.

You may have also spied an arty gorilla the KING Kong of reuse (created by FBI DJ Miss Death) wandering up from Tap Gallery for a much needed infusion of FAB coffee. This weekend FAB and TAP will be offering Reverse Garbage ‘Fun Bags’ to children of all ages – guaranteed to contain a blow up hippo and lots more.


One response to “Sustainable art @FAB…

  1. Please do not give a hippo to Savvy and augie I am making a Hippo Pillow for them

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