Spring is a wee bit NZ’ish eh bro’

We’re expecting Russell Crowe any minute. Our KIWI chef Andrew Stinear is paying homage to his country with a rotatingbiscuitselection of baked goods and a delicious chargrilled lamb rump (paired with the very unNZ herbed cous cous and harissa mayonaisse).

Now back to the baked goods – and the looming possibility of a trans-Tasman cullinary dispute. The Bledisloe cup stealing Kiwis lay claim to invention of the pavlova,  the ANZAC biscuit (coming to FAB anyday soon) and the lesser known Afghan biscuit. We refer you to wikapedia for the provenance the aforementioned foods and note that ‘research’ (presumably that of our trans-Tasman neighbours) ‘proves’ that recipes were first published in New Zealand – and have been included in the NZ bible aka The Edmonds Cookery Book since 1907. This brings us to the vexing issue of Ginger Crunch. A search of google gives international and NZ’ish site answers only on the first page. Where is  www.gingercrunch.com.au? Will we let this one slip away or will Australia stand up like a man (albeit in an apron) and lay claim to at least one biscuit?

Which brings us back to Russell Crowe – cullinary maximus, champion of the underRabbitoh’s, true blue man of letters and dark knight of the art of acting. Where does Russell stand on Ginger Crunch? It will take a man like Russell, a force of human nature, to wrestle the ownership of the biscuit, any biscuit really, back from those crafty Kiwis.


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