Grey Gardens – Sunday at 6pm

K Rudd drops in for our world famous Fair Trade Organic coffee when he can, but we’ve never (to the best of our admittedly limited knowledge) had the pleasure of a Kennedy. cropgrey The film and television luminaries come and go (and we treat them nice) but we hanker for more misguided souls – and have come to the conclusion the best of these might be found on screen.

So this Sunday at 6pm we invite you to join us for a screening of “Grey Gardens”.  Rufus Wainright wrote a song about this 1975 documentary, Armistead Maupin mentioned it in Tales Of The City and it has been referenced in the L Word, Will & Grace and Rug Rats.

It’s time for you to see this special film about Jackie Kennedy’s (nee Bouvier) eccentric and impoverished aunt and cousin. Read Nell Schofield’s review and join us for a glass of water, wine and reflection. It’s one to ponder.

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