Kyle free zone with the best juices ever…

We’ve got standards here at FAB so we took a show-of-hands and decided to ban Kyle morningsSandilands. We’re just not that into him and we see him as a bit of an OH&S hazard. And with the return of Tara – strangely slightly taller – from the green green grass of Eire, we’ve gone all sensible about serving your best interests. We’ll now open one hour earlier – 8am – on Sunday because we can’t have you clawing at the door – it’s not a good look! We know the mornings can be a bit busy and we’ll do whatever we can to make them better for you.

And our shiny happy chef wants you to get a healthy start with new delicious juices, the mixes  follow if you want to try at home. He whips us to a pulp if they’re not done fresh with a smile and a spring in our step here at FAB:


3-4 1/2’s of granny smith apples
1/6th of fresh lime
6 mint leaves
2 ice cubes in the glass

Make sure the mint and lime go between 2 apple halves otherwise it won’t juice the lime properly


2 pears
1/8 prepared pineapple
2 ice cubes in the glass

Juice pineapple first followed by pears – this juice has a weird sort of look in the glass- kind of swirly and is a really good calmative juice if you’ve had a rough night – (wink wink)


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