Welcome to the FAB happy customer institute

You might think our eager to please, sustainable as we can possibly be and full of yumminess cafe is the result of an effortless ‘je ne sais quoi’ on ourwindowfab part. Behind the hospitable velvet curtain, or through the REUSE wood window, you can see our scientists at work. Sweat, blood and the occasional teardrop go into the mix so we can offer you a range of innovative dishes including many gluten free options. FAB is now listed by the Coeliac Society and we are taking great care in preparing truly gluten free dishes. 

Of course we applied the same exacting standard to the development of our Silly Season function menu and our world class yummiologists can adapt the menu to your needs. At the FAB institute we spare no expense in pleasing you because if you’re happy we are too.  Stay tuned for a raft of changes to the menu next week from our very own Nutty Professor Andrew Stinear.


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