Monthly Archives: January 2010

Creative juices kick off our sustainable 2010

One of our favourites, Shane Forrest, is a world renowned ripper offer - of street advertising.

This Thursday night a selection of artists from Reverse Garbage invade the walls of Forbes & Burton. The last time we let these REUSE monkeys into the cafe there was trouble with a rather large ape. This time we’re prepared for any shennanigans with our own shark   (still pulling Santa towards Bondi which may explain the disappointment thousands of rained out backpackers at the beach experienced on Christmas Day).

We’ve also milked the worms and are offering complimentary worm juice for your gardens alongside the usual beverages. Of course there will be a surprise for the  kids – something has been whispered about a free DIY Scarecrow Kit. Watch out for the artists – who practice the dark arts of REUSE – as they are inclined to appropriate stuff they like and turn it into fine art. Be polite but don’t let them see your rubbish!

More details and RSVP here.