Monthly Archives: February 2010

dishy fishies at FAB

School is back. The FAB Food Laboratory has developed more brainfood for local students and their parents (who do the homework). You’ll find we’ve got a bit more fishy – for the Omega 3 that gets the synapses sizzling. – salmon, prawns, scallops and calamari.
And once a week – when you need to build up your brain bank – you can top up with our Sunday Roast aka fish-of-theweek. Market fresh and matched with delicious seasonal vegetables – the meal is a steal at $22.50.
For those working towards a 99.9 you can go no further than our Amazonian juice (available exclusively on weekends) filled with ACAI and fresh boysenberry. You’ll be younger, stronger and oh so much smarter – antioxidants to the max.
The Christmas Shark has finally made it to Bondi but he’s been replaced by a very hungry fellow on the counter – feed him or there’ll be trouble.