Art box


REEF KNOT by Michelle McCosker 

The new Art Box instalation adds colour and texture to our corner, with an international flavour.

As part of the I Love Kings Cross knitting project 2009, Reef Knot held a knitting circle in Fitzroy Gardens. A lady called Grace Wu joined in. It turned out that she was from Taiwan and this was her last day in Sydney. She offered to send some knits from Taiwan when she got back as she was part of a knitting circle.

1 month after we had taken all the knitting down a large box arrived and inside were all the wonderful knitted pieces from the ladies in Taiwan. The pieces are so heartfelt… sometimes for yarn they have used ripped up shirts and petticoats. It was so special unpacking the box and seeing all the individual pieces and all the hard work the ladies had done but so sad that they had missed out on being part of the Kings Cross install. So when Zoe invited me to put some knitting in the FAB window I thought HEY PERFECT! So I pieced together the Taiwan knits to the right shape here they are having their first showing!! YAY!!!!!

See if you can pick the T for Taiwan?


We recently exhibitted inside the cafe by one of The National Arts Students from across the road. For her final year, Kate worked on a series of mezzotint prints focussing on spaces in her home. Choosing places and objects of significance, she has used these familiar areas to explore some ideas about how we experience the domestic — evoking feelings of shelter and nurture, but also other more ambivalent responses.

Mezzotint is a lovely (if demanding) medium. It offers rich, velvety blacks, great tonal variation and wonderful chiaroscuro effects. The way the plate is worked in the mezzotint process — from dark to light with the image slowly emerging through careful scraping and burnishing — became a reflection of how she hopes these prints may be experienced, as objects and spaces materialising from shadow, dream or memory.

contact details are:                      0404 474 539                        







artboxspread09The Art Box is an advertisement free not for profit space where artists can engage the public with their work.  Passengers on the 389 Bus and those waiting at the Bus stop  have a clear view along with the heavy pedestrian traffic.  The National Arts School is opposite and casts an appreciative yet critical eye.

We welcome submissions or proposals.

Curator:           Jamie and Zoe

Dimensions:    w2.52 x h1.07 metres (10cm deep)

Situated:  on Burton Street above the FAB Kitchen Window

Previous Artists and works:

Zoe Mahony: The Bats of Darlinghurst

art_in_art_window zoe

skeletal man


angel artbox


One response to “Art box

  1. Brilliant Idea, and Yes can’t wait for the next installation.

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