FAB coffee is supplied by The Golden Cobra a Fair Trade Certified Producer. The Golden Cobra focuses on producing small batches of fresh quality coffee providing FAB with both caffeinated and decaffeinated blends.

Caffeinated Blend – ‘Bright Lights’     Named after the Interpol album ‘Turn on the bright lights’ is a blend of Ethiopian, Indonesian and Nicaraguan estate coffees designed for all day drinking.

Decaffeinated Blend – ‘Roger Moore’   With an East Timorese estate coffee base, the beans used in this blend are decaffeinated using the patented Swiss Water Method. This uses reverse osmosis and carbon filtration technology to produce a 100% chemical free decaf with flavours and complexities way beyond conventional ethanol based decaf methods.


2 responses to “Coffee

  1. Are you able to accommodate a group of 10 people on a set menu for Saturday lunch in early October? Can you email your set menus?

    • we have alerted Boomi aka Leon Foxxxxxxxx – can you call us on 9356 8788 and yell at someone if you haven’t heard back yet…

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