a day in the life of a NICE Darlinghurst cafe

On Friday morning we at first thought our very own Premier, Nathan Rees, was providing some crowd control at Forbes and Burton.


We do attract a fine crowd of locals – check the Nun out sipping her double espresso.


Then Hugo Weaving piped up whilst eating his breakie saying he thought it was the riot squad.  The NSW Government does seem to overreact.

Crowd Control Darlo Style

As it is not uncommon to see sniffer dogs roaming the streets of Darlinghurst we do not even blink an eye lid with the squat team arming up in front of the café.

Vice Squad Cropped

To date no laws have been drafted to ban the sale of sustainable, organic and fair trade contraband.  We still can buy local.  Some liberties are still available.     The choice is ours.


Welcome to the FAB happy customer institute

You might think our eager to please, sustainable as we can possibly be and full of yumminess cafe is the result of an effortless ‘je ne sais quoi’ on ourwindowfab part. Behind the hospitable velvet curtain, or through the REUSE wood window, you can see our scientists at work. Sweat, blood and the occasional teardrop go into the mix so we can offer you a range of innovative dishes including many gluten free options. FAB is now listed by the Coeliac Society and we are taking great care in preparing truly gluten free dishes. 

Of course we applied the same exacting standard to the development of our Silly Season function menu and our world class yummiologists can adapt the menu to your needs. At the FAB institute we spare no expense in pleasing you because if you’re happy we are too.  Stay tuned for a raft of changes to the menu next week from our very own Nutty Professor Andrew Stinear.

Art, wagyu burgers, pumpkin pie and live green…

Until Sunday the 18th of October you’ll find the Live Green sustainable house up at Taylor Square featuring lots of great green idea along with REUSE design from our friends at Reverse Garbage.  Stroll down to FAB and try something new from our constantly changing specials menu. Our chef is channeling Obama’s America with a hint of Halloween and Thanksgiving Day showing through his latest creations: Wagyu Beef Burger, Frozen Pumpkin Pie and Flourless Belgian Chocolate Brownie. Thomas Tapatjarri

The walls however are all Australian, featuring indigenous artworks from the central and western desert including Papunya, Papunya Tjupi, Kintore and Warlukurlangu. The works have ethical provenance – derived either from the ‘desert mob’ festival or from community run art centres. Certificates of authenticity come with all the works. 

Love Linda Jackson in the artbox? Check out the Australian Opal Centre.

Linda Jackson in art box, here comes Christmas…

As part of the City of Sydney’s Art and About we’ve installed a little piece of Australian iconography in our Art Box.  Fresh from Lightning OPAL FOSSIL LINDA JACKSON 1Ridge comes Linda Jackson’s Opal Fossil.  The work explores our natural history and evokes a time – 110 million years ago – when the ridge was part of a great inland sea. The relics of this once fertile place are now filled with shimmering rainbow colours reminding us of the once upon a time ferns, mosses, plants, dinosaurs, turtles and other marine life.

And on the walls of the cafe we’ve installed the work of a number of indigenous artists – for sale – just in time for Christmas . This brings us neatly to the question of functions and a new tasting menu designed by chef Andrew Stinear to please your festive palate.

Kyle free zone with the best juices ever…

We’ve got standards here at FAB so we took a show-of-hands and decided to ban Kyle morningsSandilands. We’re just not that into him and we see him as a bit of an OH&S hazard. And with the return of Tara – strangely slightly taller – from the green green grass of Eire, we’ve gone all sensible about serving your best interests. We’ll now open one hour earlier – 8am – on Sunday because we can’t have you clawing at the door – it’s not a good look! We know the mornings can be a bit busy and we’ll do whatever we can to make them better for you.

And our shiny happy chef wants you to get a healthy start with new delicious juices, the mixes  follow if you want to try at home. He whips us to a pulp if they’re not done fresh with a smile and a spring in our step here at FAB:


3-4 1/2’s of granny smith apples
1/6th of fresh lime
6 mint leaves
2 ice cubes in the glass

Make sure the mint and lime go between 2 apple halves otherwise it won’t juice the lime properly


2 pears
1/8 prepared pineapple
2 ice cubes in the glass

Juice pineapple first followed by pears – this juice has a weird sort of look in the glass- kind of swirly and is a really good calmative juice if you’ve had a rough night – (wink wink)

New Sunday Roast Schedule

Pork belly features in the new Sunday Roast lineup but you’ll still look great in a bikini. Tara is backCollages1 – thank heavens. And we want you to know that when it is hot and you go to the beach we feel lonely. So pop in for the caffeine hit before you go or the long lovely cool drink when you should be out of the sun in the middle of the day.

We’re working on a DA for a water slide from Taylor Square to FAB but it may take a while. If it gets really hot – and you ask nicely – we may just hose you down.

Grey Gardens – Sunday at 6pm

K Rudd drops in for our world famous Fair Trade Organic coffee when he can, but we’ve never (to the best of our admittedly limited knowledge) had the pleasure of a Kennedy. cropgrey The film and television luminaries come and go (and we treat them nice) but we hanker for more misguided souls – and have come to the conclusion the best of these might be found on screen.

So this Sunday at 6pm we invite you to join us for a screening of “Grey Gardens”.  Rufus Wainright wrote a song about this 1975 documentary, Armistead Maupin mentioned it in Tales Of The City and it has been referenced in the L Word, Will & Grace and Rug Rats.

It’s time for you to see this special film about Jackie Kennedy’s (nee Bouvier) eccentric and impoverished aunt and cousin. Read Nell Schofield’s review and join us for a glass of water, wine and reflection. It’s one to ponder.

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