Monthly Archives: December 2009

the good soy…

We’ve responded to the Bonsoy product recall and have replaced it with Vitasoy – so now it is safe for you to drink and/or take a bath in with these lovely ladies. Bonsoy was recalled because the iodine level may be excessive.

Information is here.


Brain Food and Holiday Hours

HSC results are out and one of our regular SCEGGS girls returned a score of 99.9. (Note she is the brainiac in Purple fourth from the left). We do go on about our home baked muffins but now we have proven their magical qualities. We are calling for a remark as we are sure they have short changed her.  

If you are in need of more brainpower in your life drop in for a muffin – and grab a coffee as well. Muffin flavours change daily and we even offer savoury ones for those older kids out there.  

Please note we are open through the Christmas and New Year break except for the 24th to 26th of December and the 1st of January 2010.

Tara will be expecting everyone still in town to drop in and to bring their friends.

We are considering opening Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from March. Talk to Tara about it as this may convince her into getting the nights happening.

Of course you can still book any time for private night functions and we have had some FABulous evening affairs.

a very Muppet Christmas

We’re offering a selection of festive drinks, snacks and muppet mania for kids of all ages this Sunday at 5:30pm. Sorry for the late notice – we do look forward to seeing you. Starting at 5:30pm and lasting only as long as it might take for the good children of SpongeBob and SquarePants to become acquainted with classic muppet moments.

Free comedy glasses (so we can pretend it is in 3D) and projector borrowed from the lovely people at Reverse Garbage – a place Oscar the Grouch calls ‘heaven’.