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Get set for a warm & roasty winter…

We’re big on comfort at FAB. Make life easier on wintery Sundays with our roasts. No time in the kitchen, premium produce, no washing up and any mistakes are ours. See the new Sunday Roast schedule – we look forward to making life tastier, easier and with a selection of fine wines and  desserts.


dishy fishies at FAB

School is back. The FAB Food Laboratory has developed more brainfood for local students and their parents (who do the homework). You’ll find we’ve got a bit more fishy – for the Omega 3 that gets the synapses sizzling. – salmon, prawns, scallops and calamari.
And once a week – when you need to build up your brain bank – you can top up with our Sunday Roast aka fish-of-theweek. Market fresh and matched with delicious seasonal vegetables – the meal is a steal at $22.50.
For those working towards a 99.9 you can go no further than our Amazonian juice (available exclusively on weekends) filled with ACAI and fresh boysenberry. You’ll be younger, stronger and oh so much smarter – antioxidants to the max.
The Christmas Shark has finally made it to Bondi but he’s been replaced by a very hungry fellow on the counter – feed him or there’ll be trouble.

Creative juices kick off our sustainable 2010

One of our favourites, Shane Forrest, is a world renowned ripper offer - of street advertising.

This Thursday night a selection of artists from Reverse Garbage invade the walls of Forbes & Burton. The last time we let these REUSE monkeys into the cafe there was trouble with a rather large ape. This time we’re prepared for any shennanigans with our own shark   (still pulling Santa towards Bondi which may explain the disappointment thousands of rained out backpackers at the beach experienced on Christmas Day).

We’ve also milked the worms and are offering complimentary worm juice for your gardens alongside the usual beverages. Of course there will be a surprise for the  kids – something has been whispered about a free DIY Scarecrow Kit. Watch out for the artists – who practice the dark arts of REUSE – as they are inclined to appropriate stuff they like and turn it into fine art. Be polite but don’t let them see your rubbish!

More details and RSVP here.

the good soy…

We’ve responded to the Bonsoy product recall and have replaced it with Vitasoy – so now it is safe for you to drink and/or take a bath in with these lovely ladies. Bonsoy was recalled because the iodine level may be excessive.

Information is here.

Brain Food and Holiday Hours

HSC results are out and one of our regular SCEGGS girls returned a score of 99.9. (Note she is the brainiac in Purple fourth from the left). We do go on about our home baked muffins but now we have proven their magical qualities. We are calling for a remark as we are sure they have short changed her.  

If you are in need of more brainpower in your life drop in for a muffin – and grab a coffee as well. Muffin flavours change daily and we even offer savoury ones for those older kids out there.  

Please note we are open through the Christmas and New Year break except for the 24th to 26th of December and the 1st of January 2010.

Tara will be expecting everyone still in town to drop in and to bring their friends.

We are considering opening Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from March. Talk to Tara about it as this may convince her into getting the nights happening.

Of course you can still book any time for private night functions and we have had some FABulous evening affairs.

a very Muppet Christmas

We’re offering a selection of festive drinks, snacks and muppet mania for kids of all ages this Sunday at 5:30pm. Sorry for the late notice – we do look forward to seeing you. Starting at 5:30pm and lasting only as long as it might take for the good children of SpongeBob and SquarePants to become acquainted with classic muppet moments.

Free comedy glasses (so we can pretend it is in 3D) and projector borrowed from the lovely people at Reverse Garbage – a place Oscar the Grouch calls ‘heaven’.

Christmas in Darlinghurst: he’s here (and he’s queer)

Ho Ho Ho: that’s what’s normally on the corner of Forbes & Darlinghurst. We’re celebrating a Darlinghurst Christmas. No more Norman Rockwell. It’s thigh high glitter boots, Santa with legs akimbo on a Rudie the rednosed shark-drawn boogie board. And we’re loving it. 

Made with love and from REUSE materials from Reverse Garbage this is the Santa to take you in high camp style out of the naughties. Don’t forget to book for end of year lunches and functions at Forbes and Burton.