Art, wagyu burgers, pumpkin pie and live green…

Until Sunday the 18th of October you’ll find the Live Green sustainable house up at Taylor Square featuring lots of great green idea along with REUSE design from our friends at Reverse Garbage.  Stroll down to FAB and try something new from our constantly changing specials menu. Our chef is channeling Obama’s America with a hint of Halloween and Thanksgiving Day showing through his latest creations: Wagyu Beef Burger, Frozen Pumpkin Pie and Flourless Belgian Chocolate Brownie. Thomas Tapatjarri

The walls however are all Australian, featuring indigenous artworks from the central and western desert including Papunya, Papunya Tjupi, Kintore and Warlukurlangu. The works have ethical provenance – derived either from the ‘desert mob’ festival or from community run art centres. Certificates of authenticity come with all the works. 

Love Linda Jackson in the artbox? Check out the Australian Opal Centre.


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