a day in the life of a NICE Darlinghurst cafe

On Friday morning we at first thought our very own Premier, Nathan Rees, was providing some crowd control at Forbes and Burton.


We do attract a fine crowd of locals – check the Nun out sipping her double espresso.


Then Hugo Weaving piped up whilst eating his breakie saying he thought it was the riot squad.  The NSW Government does seem to overreact.

Crowd Control Darlo Style

As it is not uncommon to see sniffer dogs roaming the streets of Darlinghurst we do not even blink an eye lid with the squat team arming up in front of the café.

Vice Squad Cropped

To date no laws have been drafted to ban the sale of sustainable, organic and fair trade contraband.  We still can buy local.  Some liberties are still available.     The choice is ours.


One response to “a day in the life of a NICE Darlinghurst cafe

  1. OHHH, luv a uniform, and they did it in the street, in daylight. Go that vantage spot for a good lookseee. What’s wrong with your telephoto lens Darl….!!!

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